1960's &1970's


The establishment of "Status of Women" commissions in the U.S. in 1963 was due largely to BPW/USA efforts. President Kennedy recognized BPW/USA's leading role in securing passage of the Equal Pay Act by giving BPW/USA's National President the first pen he used when signing the Act into law.

Virginia Allan Young initiated the "Young Careerist" Program to develop the business and presentation skills of young women between 25-35 years of age.

The first National Legislative Conference, held in 1963 in D.C., later developed into BPW/USA's current annual Policy & Action Conference, where members lobby Congress and the Administration on BPW/USA's legislative issues.


BPW/USA intensified efforts to eliminate discrimination based on sex and marital status in credit, capital, and insurance practices. A legislative strategy was developed to achieve the Congressional votes needed and the BPW Political Action Committee (BPW/PAC) was formed in 1979 to endorse federal candidates.