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Alice Houck

Small business owner
Photographer, and BPW Member since 1970...

Written by Mary Ellen Poole

"I liked BPW because it gave me a better business perspective and a new awareness of women's issues. It helped me make contacts with many in the professional world and helped me grow as a woman."

Alice was born and raised in Carroll County, Maryland. She remembers going into Frederick or to Westminster to shop when she was young. As a child maturing into a teen, she looked at the opportunities presented to girls who wanted to work once they graduated from school. Alice decided to take classes such as typing, shorthand, business, accounting, etc.. She moved to Frederick County in 1972.

Where was your first job?
Whitesell's Pharmacy in Frederick, MD

Alice's first job was at Whitesell's Pharmacy in downtown Frederick, Maryland. She worked there for 28 years. She left Whitesell's in 1986 and took a major step in her career by opening her own small business. Alice opened her own shop, also in downtown Frederick, and called it "Olde Towne Cards and Gifts". Later, she added candy to her business and changed the name to Olde Towne Cards and Gifts and Carroll Creek Chocolates. In November of 1992, Alice closed her shop and joined another pharmacy, People's Drug Store, now known as CVS. She has continued her education over the years as a Pharmacy Technician and more.

How did you find BPW?
I was invited to join in 1970. Back then, you had to be invited!

Since 1970, Alice has held the offices of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer of Frederick BPW. She has also been chair of several committees. Alice has chaired the fundraising committee for several years. She is creative and has worked very hard on the annual fashion shows & dinners over the years by getting the models and sponsors, deciding on the menus, preparing the programs, etc. Her work is important because this event brings in the money that the club uses to give women in need scholarships to college. Alice initiated the Frederick BPW Signature Programs where Frederick BPW members honored professional women in Frederick, the military women of Fort Detrick, the local women authors, the local women artists and the 70th Anniversary of Frederick BPW. Several members from other locals supported these events and that was appreciated by all the members of Frederick BPW.

One day she wants to... Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride!

She has taken most of the pictures at BPW/MD conferences, many of which are posted on our website. Alice is very active in her church and belongs to the Creative Worship Center which takes charge of decorating the church in particular themes. Look for Alice at the Frederick BPW and BPW/MD events this year. She would love to see you and catch up. Perhaps you will find yourself in some of her conference photos!

How do you stay healthy?
I Work out 4 times a week and lots of walking. (She has kept her excerise routine up since 1976!)

What do you enjoy in your free time?
Photography, Gardening, and Traveling

What's your favorite TV entertainment?
"Body of Proof", "Harry's Law", "American Idol", "Dancing with the Stars", and "Private Practice"

Favorite Color:

Her line: As Alice always says,
"Best Personal Wishes".

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