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Our Mission

Business & Professional Women of Maryland(BPW/MD) is a not-for profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian volunteer association that promotes equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. All individuals who support the mission of BPW/MD are invited to become a member.

Who we are

Founded in 1919, the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc. (BPW/USA) was the first national organization formed to promote equality for women in the workplace. In 2009, BPW/USA merged with the BPW Foundation (founded in 1956), and includes a network of over 12,000 workingwomen in hundreds of cities and towns across the country.

BPW/MD encompasses members from every profession and walk of life. Throughout the years, three major issues have shaped BPW/USA's legislative agenda: elimination of gender discrimination in employment, the principle of equal pay, and the need for a comprehensive equal rights amendment.

The Maryland Federation (BPW/MD), founded in 1929, is affiliated with BPW Foundation and with local BPW organizations throughout the State. The Maryland Federation, consisting of eight local organizations in the State, is a not-for profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian, self-governing and member supported organization. Our membership is diverse with administrators, teachers, business owners, secretaries, and many other professions. Our members are women and men of every age, race, religion, political party, and socio-economic background.


National affiliation with working women - Friendships with diverse women - Build professional resources - Leadership training - Professional & personal skills development - Educational programs (virtual & in person) - Political awareness and advocacy - Mentoring programs - Networking opportunities

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