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We are a strong statewide organization due to our active local organization (LO) members. It's not uncommon for our members to visit other BPW LO's within the state to network and participate in activities that interest them professionally and personally. Every LO usually has one regular monthly meeting, typically on a weeknight. Some include dinner, a speaker, or even mini workshops to fit into your busy schedule. Guests are always welcome to attend any meeting before you officially join as a member. No matter what event you attend, you can be sure to be greeted with a warm and friendly professional atmosphere!

Members of our organization often join to network and become more involved in their communities. Some join to find a rewarding and easily accessible mentorship program. We all strive to grow professionally, and members at all levels of their careers can easily connect with each other. BPW is a great place to practice your leadership skills as well as increase your public speaking experience. You'll learn quickly that we are more than a business networking organization and most likely you'll quickly make friends with like-minded women.

Our members come from all walks of life and all professions..... we are accountants, nurses, adimistrative assistants, marketing experts, small business owners, direct sales positions, government employees - you name it, we probably have someone in our group with whom you can connect! Since we have an "open door" for quests at local meetings, you may have the opportunity to meet other potential new members that are just "dropping by."

How to find us?

Choose a Local Organization nearest you from the menu to the left and check them out! Find local RSVP information and get in contact with them directly!

Not sure if you can attend a meeting?

Become an E-Member! Be in the know and have access to all of our online newsletters, updates and webinars! It's a perfect fit for someone who wants to be connected but their schedule doesn't allow time for monthly meetings or events.

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